Joshua de Guzman

Medium Events


Talks, hackathons, and more!

Joshua spends some of his free time by giving back to the community through organizing events, giving talks and workshops, or leveling up his skills by joining hackathons and programming competitions.

Some events as a resource speaker

  • Flutter Intro, Basic CRUD
    Speaker | OCT 2019

    Flutter Intro, Basic CRUD

    Flutter PH Study Jam 3

    Introduced how Flutter can help students to speed up their work, and conducted a hands-on session using the Flutter codelabs.

  • Material Design, Codelabs
    Speaker | OCT 2019

    Material Design, Codelabs

    Flutter PH Study Jam 2

    Shared my thoughts on the Material Design implementation in Flutter, and discussed the MDC 101-103 Flutter codelabs.

  • Flutter Animations in Flutter
    Speaker | SEP 2019

    Flutter Animations in Flutter

    Flutter PH Study Jam 1 Blog

    Talked about the implicitly animated widgets in Flutter, and how they can create their own animated widgets rapidly.

  • Firebase + Flutter
    Speaker | SEP 2019

    Firebase + Flutter


    Discussed a simple way of utilizing Firebase Firestore to support real-time Flutter mobile applications.

  • Introduction to Flutter
    Speaker | AUG 2019

    Introduction to Flutter

    Google I/O Extended Manila 2019

    Shared a talk and a codelab session regarding Flutter, plus some real-world examples during the Google I/O Extended Manila 2019.

  • Utilizing RESTful APIs using Retrofit
    Speaker | AUG 2019

    Utilizing RESTful APIs using Retrofit


    Conducted a workshop regarding the utilization of RESTful APIs in Android/Java using Retrofit2 and OkHttp.

  • Mobile Development w/ Flutter
    Speaker | APR 2019

    Mobile Development w/ Flutter

    PADC Meetup Slides

    Shared my knowledge with other professionals regarding the latest cross-platform application framework, Flutter by Google.

  • Reactive Programming w/ RxJava2
    Speaker | JAN 2019

    Reactive Programming w/ RxJava2

    PD Meetup Slides

    Discussed the power of RxJava2 to effectively manage data streams in an application.

Some events as a hackathon geek

  • Freelancer Bugathon 2019
    Best Tooling Improvement | SEP 2019

    Freelancer Bugathon 2019 Article

    Improved Freelancer Android app build time by up to 30.98% during the Freelancer Bugathon 2019.

  • TechXplore Hackathon 2019
    Equal Innovators Award | JUL 2019

    TechXplore Hackathon 2019


    Developed SnapKit, a platform that aims to provide an easily accessible, engaging and gamified shopping experience.

  • Hack 2 School 2019
    Finalist | JUL 2019

    Hack 2 School 2019

    Built the Freelancer IFTTT Server on top of IFTTT platform to channel features with other services vendor.

  • Hacarena 2019
    The People's Choice Award | FEB 2019

    Hacarena 2019 Website

    Lead and built Freelancer Assistant, a chatbot powered by Google's Actions, Cloud and AI plus Freelancer's Developer APIs.

  • Facebook + Tanda Hackathon
    Most Outstanding Developer | OCT 2018

    Facebook + Tanda Hackathon

    Project Article

    Full Stack Software Engineer for the Tandbook Bot, a Tanda chatbot integrated to Facebook Workplace.

  • LRT's Hackatren 2018
    Finalist | JUL 2018

    LRT's Hackatren 2018


    Full Stack Software Engineer for LRTHub platform. LRTHub seeks to create a unified ecosystem (hub) for LRT Railway System.

Some events as a judge

  • Android Masters 2019
    Prelims Judge | OCT 2019

    Android Masters 2019

    Facebook Website

    Was invited to judge at the national intercollegiate competition (Game Category), Android Masters 2019, by GDG Philippines.

  • Android Masters 2018
    Finals Judge | NOV 2018

    Android Masters 2018


    Was invited to judge at the national intercollegiate competition, Android Masters 2018, by GDG Philippines.